India's only Girl Centric Programme (Give us your daughter today, take her back as an IAS officer tomorrow). India's only girl centric mentorship programme was launched in Bihar. It was on the request of Bihar government that the concept was launched in the form of a project initiated by the then education minister, Sri Vrishin Patel. The Career Security Programme aims at picking the best of girl students through a test and their parents interview and subject them to a well structured and organised mentorship programme to give them an assured result. The chosen and selected girls are mentored in association with the administration of the colleges from where they have been picked.


Girls are equally or even more talented than boys anywhere in India, but they do not get a level playing field to show their talent. In a metropolitan society like that of Delhi, where the focus and attention are quite wavering, maintaining spirit and purpose requires special mode of training, teaching especially for girls. It will be an excellent way to empower women. Itis one of the firstsuch initiative on women empowerment in the entire country.

It is easy to mould a girl child/student in comparison to a male student given the social milieu in which the boys are brought up, and it is easier to obtain a desired result from them. The girls are likely to give an assured result, given their psychological make-up and sincerity towards work, the value which they carry and the ambition that they have. Girl students are most likely to form a better social capital and develop strong bonding among themselves to make such programmes successful in comparison to boys.

Girls are likely to diffuse any transformation in their personality much faster than boys. Girls in India will represent the symbol of social change and are a very potent medium of social upliftment of the state and society of our country. Girls form better administrators, as they are more organised, have a better intuitive power. Girls are less prone to corruption in comparison to boys, and thus their focus of attention is mostly on work. Civil Service is a service, not a job. Anywhere in the world, the girls always are an epitome of service spirit. Boys take the administration as job whereas girls as service. At any point of time, anyday, girls are more nationalistic than boys.

How An Almost Assured Result Be Ascertained...

Building a supra strong foundation for bearing any amount of information and concept load. Well researched sequencing of topics and flow of topics for minimised effort in studies and anuncluttered and uninterrupted evolution of concept. Minimisation of the students' effort through creation of a learning-based environment rather than only studies-based environment. Civil Services preparation based on mentoring with an enhanced support through teaching, training and coaching all of them combined rather than only coaching based. Teaching by the best teachers of Civil Services in India drawn from Delhi, Hyderabad, Allahabad and some of them from Patna as well.

Major emphasis on imagination stirring explanation, rather than a dictation based class with an aim to minimise the students' effort and improve their versatility. Specially designed and customized curriculum and teaching methodology as per the psyche of the girls. Specially planned motivational training for the parents to give maximum attention to the creation of a learning environment in-situ, right at their residences. Creation of a reality-based rather than perception-based opinion for all avoidable speculations and clean uncluttered opinion that doesn't clutter up mind and that is so defendable. Availability of study material and books beyond which nothing will be required for them.Assistance to students for bettering their University exams. Customized and out-of-the-box solutions to specific problems related to Civil Services preparation.


Pedagogy for the Programme: In order to provide an almost certain result, ENSEMBLE has devised a unique pedagogy, a pedagogy that is unparallel and that will speed the learning process, in its journey towards CERTAIN results. This includes a phase wise implementation of the programme beginning with identifying the problem of the candidates and filling the gaps that have been left in their school education. In order to provide an almost certain result, ENSEMBLE has devised an unique pedagogy, a pedagogy that is unparallel, and that will spend the learning process,in its journey towards certain results.


Module-I: Personality Development and Self Management

  • The Physiological, Philosophical, moral and ethical basis of relationship
  • Men & Woman, how and why are they different
  • Relationship “management”: Principles and Practices

1. Understanding differences between

  • Personality & Looks
  • Beauty and Appearance
  • Fashion and Style
  • Why clothes are essential, and why not
  •  Enhancing appearance
  • Make up & other techniques
  •  Style statements
  •  Dressing & how to carry cloths in private and public
  • 2. Time Management

    3. Language and Communication Skills

    4. Getting Successful: Happy and/or contended

  • Body Language
  • Understanding and managing people with aura,
  • Responding and balancing in tune to people with awe, aura, respect, naughtiness
  • Enhancing confidence
  • Social and Business Etiquettes
  • Getting together: Partying and types of get together: Enjoyment vs networking vs Social Capital motive
  • Dance forms: Learning, practice and its manifestation
  •  Managing hobbies and interest
  •  Travelling & World Geography
  •  TV & Newspapers: Managing authentication, genuineness and gossip
  •  Cooking and Hosting
  • Understanding difference between Home & House
  • Family and Extended family: how to do it, manage it and extend it
  • Home Management
  • Decoration and Aesthetics
  • Budgeting and Economy
  • Understanding your body
  • Understanding yourself
  • Understanding your emotions and differentiating it
  • Understanding issues around you
  • Me as a brand
    • Knowledge of Indian History and Culture
    • Knowledge of Indian Economy and Business
    • Attitude and Perception Balancing
  • Understanding Legal rights
  • Managing stress
  • Holistic living

    • Complete Attitudinal transformation of the girls from the Tier II cities in India.
    • A very high level of social, psychological and political awareness generation among girls.
    • A solid base for taking up to any type of skill development, and an enormous improvement in its employability
    • A wide and solid social capital which can form the base for launching any programme with wide socio-psychological ramification for the state

    Phase - I

    • Communication & Body language improvement
    •  Language improvement

    Phase - II

    • Understanding yourself, your parents and teachers
    • Understanding your surroundings
    • Learning to make bonds, and social capital
    • World trip in class- 10 days
    • Reading Newspapers
    • Weekly exchange of news and community education
    • Learning through various means-Films, Books, Interactions,
    • Parents, Teachers, TV
    • Basics of Internet and Social Media
    • Background of events and World problems
    • Interpreting and Understanding newspaper Weekly newspaper reading and magazine reading sessions
    • Socialization studies, principles and applications
    • Understanding your surrounding

    Differentiation of careers into five parts

    • Civil Services
    • Academics
    • Management
    • Journalism
    • New Age Services

    Mastering Prelims Preparation,

    Mains Preparation

    • Mastering Communication.
    • Understanding the Interviewer and his mind.
    • Defending your Statement.
    • Just plain ul and li tags
    • Mastering yourself.
    • Mastering the Questions on the Filled Form, your biodata.
    • Developing Balance of Perception.
    • Voice Modulation.
    • Identifying your Wrong Habits and mastering it.
    • Role of Etiquettes & Manners.
    • Hobbies & Interests.
    • Dressing for Interviews.
    • Body Language for Interviews.
    • Handling Quiz Interviews.
    • Handling Head Interviews.
    • Handling Stress Interviews.
    • Handling Specialized Interviews.
    • Handling Subject-based Interviews.
    • Managing Sharp Short Questions.
    • Group Discussion for Convincing others.