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Five Elite Careers For Your Child With Hidden Talent

Ensemble aims to contribute its humble bit here by guiding the young talents in the country with the right planning, best preparatory advice, right kind of grooming and effective strategy to help them achieve big in life and career, such as:

  •  Career in the Civil Services.
  • Career in Academics.
  • Career in Business Management.
  • Career in Media and Communications.
  • Career in Political Leadership.

When a student is still in school, his strengths are identified and channelised in a way that transforms the student into an early and sterling achiever.


When the student is faced with hosts of day-to-day challenges after graduation, he does not find any way either to improve himself or get the knowledge to cope with life. We enable the child to transform, but under the guidance of mentors:

  • The candidates will be subjected to 2 years to 2½ years foundation courses that will seek a total transformation of the candidates.
  • Fill the gaps in the education and personality of the candidates that they have acquired during school education.
  • Counsel the parents to bring the best in their child.
  • Build a solid foundation, making them revise whatever they have studied till date..
  • Subject them to Neurolistic Learning Programme (NLP).
  • Improve their language and observation.
  • Train them into building social capital, social bonding, reading newspapers, magazines, observe people in editorial and teaching capabilities, etc. and make a global citizen to master the locations of the entire world and India.
  • Know the background of events, all the problems that the world and our country is facing as well as.
  • Be civilised and well-mannered.

All these ingredients are important for the candidates to ease their effort that will be required to gain knowledge in almost every subject a person should know.


The candidates come to know of Science and Technology, Geography, Indian and International Economy, International Relations, Indian Polity, Governance, History, Heritage, Culture and Society. Incidentally, these subjects make up the syllabus of the Civil Services examination, and must be studied by everyone to be successful in various other fields.


Having gone through the two stages, all the students will be prepared to take any career they wish to, based on the advice of our psychologists after subjecting them to an intensive one week talent and career identification programme. The various careers may be:


By the best teachers and mentors drawn from the best Institutes of India.


Based on the advisors, the candidate will start mastering a subject after he has been coached to qualify for GRE, to write articles in newspapers, books and monologues. He/she will be given recommendations by the scholars and academicians of repute to facilitate admission in the topmost universities of the world.


Entry into Indian politics will be suggested based not on the academic excellences of the candidate, rather on his/her attitude, organisational ability, capacity to build bonds and understanding of the society. The candidates will then be directed to pick up a constituency and will be given all backup support in perception management, sponsorship by business houses, constituency management, mentoring by sitting Members of Parliament and crowd management.


Candidates having business orientation will undergo rigorous training for CAT and SAT by the best trainers drawn from the well known institutes and Individual trainers


Students who are logical, have a flair for writing, and are ready to convert their pen into a weapon, will be trained to write newspaper articles, edit a book, prepare investigative reports, and then, will be sent to the best media academies.

The motto is to provide proper training on attitude and knowledge. The students who are best fitted for the job will be picked up, given the best training available in the country and sent to the best places for further training. When their interest and entertainment becomes their profession, and they have been subjected to best possible training in their attitude, they are bound to excel in that field. In fact, they are the people who will change the country and thus be known throughout the world.


Chief Mentor : Shri. K Siddhartha

The Academic Head : Dr. S. Mukherjee

National Level Teachers : Dr. S. Mukherjee, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Dr. D. P. Vajpaye, Sri S. K. Jha, IAS, Dr. Adarsh Kumar