Career Security programme is about taking a complete accountability and responsibility of the students by identifying their talent, classifying their strength, guide them, to mentor them and to help them find a certain result for what they are striving for. Civil Services is first of these careers, which can be made 100% secure, under the new revolutionary pedagogy.

Also, to provide the students with multi dimensional avenues, whose talent and strength transcend beyond Civil Services, such as Academics at International Level, Journalism for 21st century, Policy making For new India, and a business development skill that enables the candidates to become billionaires. This is to be achieved by being mentors, to the students being their teacher, using their entire experience to guide them, using their information to place them wherever they can be best fitted, and honing their skills to prepare them for a new world, for new and emerging careers offering unlimited possibilities whose scope has been redefined in globalized India.

  • Our programme is completely based on the mentoring process and is not done in either the manner of coaching or with the intent of coaching.
  • This programme is a career security programme, which has specifically designed and customized curriculum and teaching methodology as per the requirement of the 21st century India. The basic theme of the programme is preparing the students for an almost certain secure and dignified career.
  • The modus operandi is to build a very strong foundation for bearing any amount of information and concepts.
  • We have sequenced the training skills, topics, and attitudinal training in such a manner that would minimize efforts in learning a particular topic; content and subject.
  • Customized and out of the box solutions to specific problems related to Civil Services preparation.
  • Specific Assistance to students for bettering their College or University Examination.
  • Specific division and customization of the education and learning process through training, coaching, teaching, and mentoring process by the best minds in the country.
  • Availability of study material and books beyond which nothing will be required for them. This minimizes the effort of the candidates to an unimaginable extent.

Not only does the programme prepare the candidates for IAS examination, it also takes care all the deficiencies that have developed so far and which their school education has not taken care of. It means that there are no gaps left in the preparation of the candidate, the candidate is bound to be successful. This is ensured with a unique pedagogy.

  • Because there are Gaps/Weakness in our primary education system
  • Lack of imagination power, under developed thinking and analytical skills in the candidates
  • Coaching institutions with their similar type of course and content strategy for all are not suited to new and changing dynamics of CSE where there is a need of continuous adaptation and evolution, in an honest and truthful environment.
  • CSP offers customized solution to candidates.
  • Building a supra strong foundation for bearing any amount of information and concept load.
  • Well-researched sequencing of topics and flow of topics for minimized effort in studies and a filtered and uninterrupted evolution of concept.
  • Minimization of the students' effort through creation of a learning-based environment rather than only studies-based environment. Learning method is expanded beyond the confines of text bound and class bound studies.
  • Civil Services preparation based on mentoring with an enhanced support through teaching, training and coaching all of them combined rather than only coaching based.
  • Teaching by the best teachers of Civil Services in India drawn from Delhi, Hyderabad, Allahabad and Patna..
  • Major emphasis on imagination stirring explanation, rather than a dictation based class with an aim to minimize the students' effort and improve their versatility..
  • Specifically designed and customized curriculum and teaching methodology as per the psyche of the aspirants..
  • Creation of a reality-based rather than perception-based opinion for all avoidable speculations and clean filtered opinion that doesn't clutter up mind and that is so defendable..
  • Availability and creation of study material and books beyond which nothing will be required for preparation.
  • Assistance to students for bettering other career prospects.
  • Customized and out-of-the-box solutions to specific problems related to Civil Services preparation..

In order to provide an almost certain result, ENSEMBLE has devised a unique pedagogy a pedagogy that is unparallel, and that will speed the learning process, in its journey towards certain results. This includes a phase wise implementation of the programme beginning with identifying the problem of the candidates and filling the gaps that have been left in their school education.