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India Resources is a small section of Indian Geography. Perhaps the smallest of all sections in Indian Geography. The section forms the second MOST important base after India Physical for the study of whole of Indian Geography. In general,resource study forms the base for all studies of Indian Geography. 

The notion of students with respect to India Resources is that the topic is factual and involves lot of factual memorization. However it is contrary to the belief that is held and the reality is that India Resource section is highly analytical and highly helpful for GS Mains & PT preparation. There is good number of overlap the topic offers for GS Mains and a deeper understanding helps in the study a GS PT with its factual concepts and content. 

Moreover, by preparing this portion comprehensively it shall give the students at least 6-8 marks in prelims. 

The Syllabus as it is 

Resources-Land, surface and ground water, energy, minerals, biotic and marine resources; Forest and wild life resources and their conservation; Energy crisis. 

Contemporary Issues-Changes in patterns of land use, Linkage of rivers. 

Relations with GS PT

 Every year there are 2-3 sections asked from either the factual aspect of resources or its analytical or insightful aspects.

Relations with GS Mains

There is a complete section in GS on Ecological Issues in the third paper. Besides there is another section in the form of…Distribution of key natural resources across the world (including south Asia and the Indian subcontinent). 

What the students Get 

India: Environment & Resources -K. Siddhartha 

Additional material that the students can go for

Absolutely not needed 

Learning Sequencing as it should be in order to understand the topic, and chapter structure

The course sequencing is not per the syllabus. This is done to provide concept to the candidates. If the candidates follow the topic after another as per the syllabus they will never follow the concept. Hence the sequencing and reordering has been done to students benefit so that students are able to connect the dots and connect their concepts. 

How best to utilise it

Pre Online Learning

Before picking Indian Environment & Resources to study, the candidate must have studied and understood NCERT Indian Geography at the 10th standard level.

Online Learning sequence

1. First read the topics.

2. Listen to the explanation.

3. Now use the summary.

 4. You have some model answers. Use only questions from model answers to write.

5. Now compare your answers with the model.

6. ENSEMBLE will keep you updating on current affairs regularly on this topic.

7. Keep an eye on updates.

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