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Answer Presentation Skill Improvement Programme (APSIP) 2018

APSIP (Test Series) is a weekly guidance programme. The programme seeks to correct the flaws in the candidates’ concept and writing ability before the Mains examination, so that the candidates go on to maximise their gains from these tests with the minimum of effort. To help create a big difference between APSIP's student and other candidates by equipping them to handle all types of questions that could be possibly asked from Geography optional in the Civil Services Mains examination, effortlessly. 

Motive of the Programme 

Discussion of the important questions strictly from the 2018 Mains examination viewpoint. Answer writing practice, development of writing style strictly demanded by UPSC, evaluation with feedback on the same lines as demanded of Civil Servants. Problem solving of the candidates at an individual level and model long answers and short notes of the most important topics.

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